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Orange Glaze


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Orange Glaze CBD Flower by Originals CBD

Immerse yourself in the energizing citrus experience of the Orange Glaze CBD Flower by Originals CBD. This lively strain, recognized for its vibrant aroma and zesty flavor, is carefully cultivated by our trusted partners in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

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Originals CBD commitments

Exemplary Indoor Cultivation

Our partners operate an innovative indoor growing facility, implementing the ideal conditions for our Orange Glaze CBD flower to thrive. Equipped with high-intensity LED grow lights, precisely regulated CO2 delivery, and superior air conditioning, this facility provides the perfect environment for our plants.

Careful Hand-Trimming

In our pursuit of excellence, each Orange Glaze CBD flower bud is attentively hand-trimmed. This process preserves the vital CBD trichomes and guarantees a consistently trimmed product, reflecting our undying commitment to superior standards.

Specialized Slow-Drying Method

After harvest, our Orange Glaze CBD flower undergoes a slow-drying process in a controlled dry room environment. This technique locks in the cannabinoids, terpenes, and the tantalizing citrus flavor, ensuring you receive the highest quality product possible.

Third-Party Lab Tested and Compliant

Every batch of our Orange Glaze CBD flower is rigorously third-party lab tested to confirm cannabinoid content, ensuring a THC level of under 0.3%. By adhering to these strict testing protocols, we ensure our customers receive a product that is both reliable and fully compliant with regulations.

Experience the Orange Glaze CBD Flower

Our Orange Glaze CBD flower offers a variety of usage options – smoke it for a traditional experience, vape it for a smooth and clean effect, or brew it into a zesty tea. Each method offers a unique way to enjoy the invigorating benefits of CBD.

With Originals CBD’s Orange Glaze CBD flower, you’ll discover our unwavering dedication to quality, traced from seed to sale. Experience the perfect blend of our cultivation expertise and nature’s bounty.


1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

1 review for Orange Glaze

  1. Robert Tinsley

    This is in my opinion the best one Originals sell! the flavour is unreal and its hella gassy! blows your head off with strength and flavour.

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