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Edible Dosage Calculator

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How To Infuse Your Food With THC & CBD

Introducing our free user-friendly weed calculator, which allows you to accurately determine the THC and CBD dosage in your homemade edibles. This handy tool consists of two sections: the Edible Dosage calculator and the Creating Portions/Servings section.
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Edible Dosage Calculator:

With these results, you’ll have a clear understanding of the potency of your infused oil or solvent.

Creating Portions/Servings:

This comprehensive weed calculator makes it simple and convenient to ensure that you achieve the desired THC and CBD dosage in your homemade edibles. By using our calculator, you can enjoy your edibles with confidence, knowing that you have complete control over the potency and effects of your creations. Happy cooking!

Edible Dosage Calculator

Edible Dosage Calculator

flower, wax, oil, etc

Creating Portions/Servings

In this second section, you can add the infused oil you made in step one directly into any recipe.

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