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Grape Fruit


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Grapefruit CBD Flower by Originals CBD

Embrace the refreshing burst of the Grapefruit CBD Flower by Originals CBD. Renowned for its tangy-sweet flavor and uplifting aroma, this strain is meticulously cultivated by our dedicated partners in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

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Originals CBD commitments

Superior Indoor Cultivation

Our partners’ state-of-the-art indoor growing facility provides the perfect environment for our Grapefruit CBD flower to flourish. With the help of high-intensity LED grow lights, finely-tuned CO2 delivery, and top-tier air conditioning, each plant reaches its full potential in terms of potency and flavor profile.

Detail-Oriented Hand-Trimming

We adhere to rigorous quality standards with each Grapefruit CBD flower bud being hand-trimmed by skilled professionals. This careful process preserves the delicate CBD trichomes and ensures a consistently trimmed product, underscoring our unwavering commitment to quality.

Controlled Slow-Drying Technique

After harvest, the Grapefruit CBD flower is subjected to a controlled slow-drying process in a dedicated dry room. This strategy seals in the cannabinoids, terpenes, and the distinctive grapefruit flavor, ensuring you receive the most flavorful and potent product.

Third-Party Lab Testing and Compliance

All Grapefruit CBD flower batches are stringently third-party lab tested for cannabinoid content, ensuring a THC level of under 0.3%. Our adherence to these testing standards guarantees that you receive a product that’s not only reliable but also fully compliant with regulations.

Experience the Grapefruit CBD Flower

Our Grapefruit CBD flower can be enjoyed in multiple ways – smoked, vaped, or brewed into a tangy tea. Each method provides a different experience, allowing you to enjoy the invigorating benefits of CBD in the way that best fits your preference.

With the Grapefruit CBD flower from Originals CBD, you will discover our steadfast dedication to quality, right from seed to sale. Experience the perfect fusion of our cultivation expertise and the bounty of nature. Enjoy the unique flavor and aroma that set our products apart from the rest.


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